Seniors Flourish - Affiliate and Student Ambassador Program

Why should I join this Affiliate/Student Ambassador program?

You gain an opportunity to share a service that you already use or love, while getting paid. You already know the ins and outs of the membership and you can answer any questions that potential members might have.

It is a great way to gain valuable work experience while promoting the Learning Lab to your co-workers, friends and fellow OT students.

Affiliates and Student Ambassadors also have the benefit to get paid, earn a free year membership with 5 sales, mentorship and opportunities for free OT swag for participating.

If you want to advance your education while earning some cash, consider becoming a Learning Lab Affiliate or Student Ambassador today!

How much can I earn?

Any product or service under $20, you earn 50% commission and any product or service over $20, you earn 25% commission (up to $37.50 per yearly subscription sale). The more products or services you sell, the more % commission you can earn!

How often do I get paid!

You will get paid monthly via PayPal.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid via Paypal.

Is this open to everyone?

The affiliate and student ambassador program is for US citizens only at this time.